“Anne is simply one of the best writers I have ever worked with. She is conscientious, professional, personable, and hard-working. Her intelligence and natural curiosity shine through in everything she writes.” Brett Gover, former managing editor, Rand McNally

“Anne spoils her editors with creative and collaborative thinking, thoughtful questions, and above all else, copy that puts your publication above the rest. Even on the most routine of assignments, Anne crafts compelling content — and turns in it way ahead of schedule.” Hilary Solan, senior copy editor, Travelzoo

“Anne is an outstanding writer and editor. Her talents stretch to accommodate a broad range of topics, from travel to food to humor to business, and she writes with flair. She’s also a careful editor and manages projects and deadlines well. Anne is smart, witty, and a joy to work with. I would recommend her for any editorial project.” Laurie Borman, editor and publisher, American Library Association

“Anne Ford is an editor’s dream, a go-to guy for any subject to fill any hole. She stays in touch and files on time. Her writing is always entertaining and accurate.” Alison True, former editor-in-chief, Chicago Reader

“Anne’s writing is clear, accurate, and light and lively—even when the subject matter is weighty. Her work is a pleasure to read.” Sherrie Rice, Editor-in-Chief, CAP Today

“I loved her clean copy, but most of all I loved the strong voice and sense of humor in her writing. Anne really gets what magazine writing is all about.” Lucinda Hahn, Editor, Pace Communications

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