Chicago Reader

Meet Chicago’s Meat Photographer

“I don't know anyone who's shot more raw meat in this town than me."

The Fearful Daily Life of an Undocumented Immigrant in Chicago

"If one person finds out, you're putting in jeopardy everything you've worked for."

This week’s Chicagoan: Othman Al Ani, refugee

"I don't know where to go, I don't know how to pay, I don't even know how to use money."

Old-school sign painter Jeff Williams on why computer-generated stickers ain’t got soul

"Right as I got out of high school, I had a job working as an electrician, and I only did that for a few years before I realized, man, this kind of sucks, having a real job."

This week’s Chicagoan: Roger Billhardt, nude model

"I don't go home with any women who paint me, and I don't accept any phone numbers."

This week’s Chicagoan: Doris Adepoju, truck driver

"I started thinking, 'If you go to truck driver school, you can still earn a living.' I thought: 'If I can, Lord, why not?'"

This week’s Chicagoan: Angie Morrow, collection manager at the Art Institute

"I spent most of my time on the floor, removing the parrot, so we would not crash and die."

This week’s Chicagoan: Kayla Lane Freeman, new Chicagoan

"When my dad and I started approaching the city limits and seeing the buildings, that was the first time I started to feel sad, which was strange, 'cause that was the time I should have felt most excited."

This week’s Chicagoan: Trevor Burke, stand-up comic, age 11

"I'm not looking to get paid or anything, but I would accept the money. There’s so many cool things to buy. Video games are pretty cool."

This week’s Chicagoan: Annette Prince, director, Chicago Bird Collision Monitors

"Every time I get stuck on the Eisenhower, I think, 'One of these people could help me move this bird.'"

Here comes Mae Ya Carter Ryan

The 11-year-old Bronzeville native has a voice that sounds decades older than she is. People are starting to listen.

This week’s Chicagoan: “Naughty Natanya” Rubin, burlesque performer

"When I'm at my day job, I'm just Natanya, and then in the evening, I'm occasionally naughty."

This week’s Chicagoan: Howard Cort, septuagenarian and activist

"I met my wife there—in fact, I stole her from somebody. I guess we're still friends, if he's still alive."

This week’s Chicagoan: Michael Adkesson, veterinarian, Brookfield Zoo

"There was a lot of money floating around, and they could buy elephants, and they did."

This week’s Chicagoan: Marcy Wagenberg, cochlear implant recipient

"Eight hours a day, I was trying to lip-read everybody at work, and then I'm gonna go out again at night and try to lip-read people?"

This week’s Chicagoan: Rene Cudal, bike messenger

"I wear Jewel plastic bags wrapped around my feet to keep 'em warm. It may sound gross, but it works."

This week’s Chicagoan: Thomas Loconti, street artist

"When a situation of panic pops up, most people lose their shit and get really excited, but I don't."

This week’s Chicagoan: Kasia Koniar, director of scouting and development for Factor Women

"I start the careers of young models, many of them as young as 12 and 13."

This week’s Chicagoan: David Allen, tattoo artist

"What pain have you experienced in your life?"

This week’s Chicagoan: Beth Reiner, Amma devotee

"So she asked them to get a container and fill it with water, and then she turned it into a pudding."

This week’s Chicagoan: Pete Valavanis, Owner, Cary’s Lounge

"You can't just en masse throw everybody out; you've got to kind of little by little get the law established."

This Week’s Chicagoan: Leslie Goddard, Historical Interpreter

“You can drive in a hoopskirt. In a pinch, you can.”

This Week’s Chicagoan: Aaron Karmin, anger-management therapist

“So my client walks in. He's swinging the bat over his shoulder.”

This Week’s Chicagoan: Mia Park, kids’ show host

“Vanilla Ice was afraid of our puppet.”

Beyond the Bitch Shield

“When, if ever, have you had six hot girls ask for your underwear?” (Mom, please don’t read this one.)