Summertime, and the living is busy

Just a quick note to wave hello and send out good-summer vibes to the known and unknown universes. I’m staying busy these days creating content for the Art Institute, plus keeping up with my usual motley array of freelance work. Now and then I go someplace, usually on the heels of my husband, who runs around the globe like most people run around the block. So far this year we’ve hit Australia (hot, fun, big) and Canada (cold, fun, big). And I’m reading up a storm. Not that he needs any signal boosting from me, but if you haven’t read this David Sedaris piece about his FitBit obsession, you really must. And I just re-read this amazing book┬áby Melissa Fay Greene, a National Book Award nominee who writes hilariously and poignantly about her family’s experiences with overseas adoption. Can’t recommend enough.

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